By David Hinds Ph.D

David Hinds lectures in Caribbean and Africana Studies at Arizona State University in the USA.
He is also a political and social commentator who has written extensively on Guyana and Caribbean politics.
More of his writings can be found on his GuyanaCaribbeanPolitics.com website.

March 3rd. 2013 - The Opposition in Guyana gets the Government it has nurtured

January 15th. 2013 - Ralph Ramkarran is Spot-On but he Omits the Fears of the Other Side

January 13th. 2013 - My F grade is for the APNU's failure to pursue Government of National Unity

June 12th. 2012 - Denesh Ramdin's antics are a reflection of our growing inability to Imagine

May 1st. 2012 - The PPP Post-Budget Political Theatre: Appealing to Race and Pretending to be more hurt that it is

April 24th. 2012 - Forked Tongue: Stabroek News'Criticism of APNU for following its advice on "Making Deals" with the Government

March 31st. 2012 - Guyana's Joint Opposition missed the opportunity for a Political Solution immediately after the 2011 elections

March 22nd. 2012 - Guyana's Ruling party is being deceptive and selective on the issue of Proportionality; The Opposition should challenge the composition of the Cabinet in the courts

November 13th. 2011 - Benefits of a Government of National Unity in Guyana

November 10th. 2011 - The PPP's characterization of Buxtonions and other African Guyanese as Hooligans and Thugs: Ugly, Rude, Racist

June 17th. 2011 - The Food Bans of the 1980s in Guyana affected the working classes of all Races

June 16th. 2011 - Kaieteur News has banned my letters

May 30th. 2011 - Trust is not a prerequisite for effective governance

May 4th. 2011 - If we Co-Own then we must Co-Govern: African Guyanese call for Power Sharing is an affirmation of our Human Right and Birthright

April 28th. 2011 - African Guyanese have become Second Class Citizens and Political Aliens in Guyana

November 22nd. 2010 - Authoritarianism in Trinidad and Guyana

November 6th. 2010 - The Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister "conditional aid' proposal to her CARICOM partners smacks of the worst kind of Selfishness

October 19th. 2010 - Darren Sammy is West Indies Cricket Captain-- Its renewal time

October 15th. 2010 - Political Wuck-Up in Barbados: Leadership Struggles in the DLP and BLP

October 10th. 2010 - Those West Indies Cricket Contracts and Salvaging Caribbean Nationhood

September 28th. 2010 - Responding to Ravi Dev on Buxton, Eusi Kwayana and Guyana's History

September 19th. 2010 - Guyana's President is out of Control

September 14th. 2010 - Exposing Oscar Ramjeet's Racial Nastiness

September 9th. 2010 - Walter Rodney was also a Race Man

September 8th. 2010 - The President uses the high platform of his office to call others bigots

August 28th. 2010 - The African Guyanese Cultural Psyche has been dealt a severe blow by the President's visit to Buxton-I wanted him to go to Buxton as a Guest, not as Father Giver

August 20th. 2010 - Buxton Leaders have sold out their Dignity

Book Reviews
Race and Political Discourse in Guyana: A Conversation with African Guyanese in the presence and hearing of Indian Guyanese.

Review of Perry Mars, Ideology and Change: The Transformation of the Caribbean Left

An Anti-PNC Handbook: Review of Prem Misir's book The Political Mass Media Racial Complex

Review of Kampta Karran's Race and Ethnicity in Guyana

Professor Rupert Lewis
Walter Rodney's Intellectual and Political Thought

Eusi Kwayana's Guyana: No Guilty Race

A Woman's Cries--New Book of Caribbean Poetry

Guyana Metegee

Anatomy of Resistance:
A review of St Pierre's book on Anti-Colonial Resistance in Guyana 1823-1966

Media Comments by David Hinds

The PPP leadership was not involved in Rodney's murder - by Eusi Kwayana, David Hinds and Rupert Roopnaraine David Hinds Pleads with Buxton Gunmen - Lay down their arms
Buxton's rebellious nature made it fertile for criminal masterminds - Dr David Hinds - by Andrew Richards

David Hinds urges residents to reclaim dignity as Buxton celebrates 170th anniversary of purchase

Jagdeo’s Buxton visit a ‘political charade’ – David Hinds

Debate on David Hinds' Writings/Political Views
Dr Randy Persaud on David Hinds

Dr Hinds' argument that the PPP botched a chance at forging a national consensus after the 1992 elections is seriously flawed

The argument that Africans have been marginalized in Guyana cannot be sustained

Randy Persaud responds to his critics

Dr. Randy Persaud responds to the Peeper

Response to Randy Persaud
. African Guyanese Marginalization is a result of a Disproportionality of poverty - by Dennis Wiggins

Dr. Randy Persaud is guilty of the very sins he accuses David Hinds of - by Freddie Kissoon

Peeping Tom - Pan Africanism and Walter Rodney

Peeping Tom - David Hinds has never advocated violence

Race-baiting only benefits two main parties - by Alissa Trotz

Critique of Dr. Hinds' work deemed intellectual dishonesty - by Evan Thomas

Freddy Kissoon on David Hinds
Science, methodology and the flawed political theory of David Hinds

Gokarran Sukhdeo on David Hinds
The WPA panacea that is really a placebo - by Gokarran Sukhdeo

Replies to Sukhdeo
The Sukhdeo Factor: Voice from a sleeper cell - by Paul Sanders

A Response to Gokarran Sukhdeo - by Rohit Kanhai

August 16th. 2010 - WPA Forum: AFC could still be open to broad alliance with PNCR Dr David Hinds and Dr Cive Thomas on Opposition Unity

February 6th. 2010 - Rex Nettleford: Caribbean Nationalist

January 16th. 2010 - When I see class I will call it that, but for now I see race

January 12th. 2010 - Randy Persaud is bent on creating fictions to prove his bigger fictional point

January 8th. 2010 - Hinds corrects Randy Persaud's "Mistake"

January 7th. 2010 - Spell out what you mean by the death of a party and visionary impactful policies/programs

January 4th. 2010 - The construction of truisms in pursuit of Ethnic Vanguardism

January 1st. 2010 - One must distinguish between Critique and Ridicule Especially in Ethnic Environments

November 6th. 2009 - The Ridicule of the West Indies team is deserved

November 6th. 2009 - Chris Gayle's Reappointment an Obscene Act

August 27th. 2009 - Let us celebrate Usain Bolt and Caribbean Heroes and Sheroes

August 11th. 2009 - Broadening the Discourse beyond the Boundary

August 5th. 2009 - West Indies cricketers and the board do not understand the far-reaching consequences of their actions: Darren Sammy has the capacity to lead renewal

July 24th. 2009 - Dr Jagan also thought there were two splits of the PPP

July 14th. 2009 - Michael Jackson and Race: He Negrefied American Pop culture without using the term Black

July 1st. 2009 - When openings for ethnic reconciliation presented themselves the PPP has in every case turned its back

June 27th. 2009 - Cheddi Jagan: Apostle of Working Peoples Struggle for Bread and Justice

June 26th. 2009 - An Open Letter to Dr. Cheddi Jagan

June 25th. 2009 - Two Men Fighting for a Bone…without meat… as Guyana prepares for the 1997 Election

June 12th. 2009 - We need Walter Rodney now more than ever: Time for a Public Holiday in his honor

June 11th. 2009 - The PNC are not the only ones guilty of Walter Rodney's murder

June 10th. 2009 - What Walter Rodney did for Guyana

June 9th. 2009 - The Shaka Rodney Protest for a Walter Rodney Inquiry: The PPP must be true to what it put on paper

June 8th. 2009 - Fighting for Justice for Walter Rodney

June 7th. 2009 - Strong Government, Not Strong Opposition

June 4th. 2009 - The PPP has proved to be the ultimate barrier to ethnic unity and nationhood in Guyana

May 13th. 2009 - To suggest to Africans that they have to cross over to the PPP before they can enjoy political rights is disrespectful and racist.

March 29th. 2009 - Janet Jagan: The Uncompromising Partisan

March 11th. 2009 - Not much to choose from: A preview of the 2009 Antiguan Election

February 16th. 2009 - Farewell Josh Ramsammy

October 28th. 2008 - The Grenadian Revolution was the highest expression of Caribbean self-emancipation and self-definition

October 21st. 2008 - Walter Rodney, October 1968 and the Caribbean quest for Self Expression and Self Emancipation

October 3rd. 2008 - An election with a Difference: Obama and the US Presidential Election

September 12th. 2008 - Eusi Kwayana: A Biographical Sketch

September 11th. 2008 - A Referendum on Highhanded Rule The 2008 Grenadian Election in Perspective

March 25th. 2008 - What do they know of Black Nationalism who only Black Nationalism know?

January 31st. 2008 - We have become a sicker nation by the day

October 30th. 2007 - Ethnic Voting Patterns and the AFC's Dilemma

June 21st. 2007 - Power Sharing is an Ethnic Necessity even though it presents an Institutional Challenge
May 4th. 2006 - African Guyanese, Armed Resistance and Racial Peace in Guyana Reply to Stabroek News

March 21st. 2006 - Guyana's upcoming election should be postponed-National Solution Needed

January 25th. 2006 - The AFC has not presented an Alternative Vision

January 24th. 2006 - ACDA's call is the most honest Intervention in recent times

May 22nd. 2005 - Self-reliance, Self-organization and Self Emancipation and the African Guyanese condition

February 23rd. 2005 - Guyana needs a political solution before the 2006 elections

February 22nd. 2005 - Kean Gibson's book and the ERC's ruling

October 18th. 2004 - They Pimp Buxton, Now they want to Pimp Rodney

September 4th. 2004 - How much longer must Guyana tolerate the PPP's Stubbornness?

September 2nd. 2004 - Khemraj Ramjattan gets it Wrong

August 22nd. 2004 - Power Sharing is indispensable to African Guyanese security

July 1st. 2004 - Bacchus is victim of Guyana's tragic politics

June 30th. 2004 - Don't fight Indians, fight the system

May 21st. 2004 - There should be joint Government-Opposition delegations to CARICOM meetings

May 18th. 2004 - Power should not be concentrated in the Executive Branch

May 15th. 2004 - Corbin's New Position Represent a Revolt

May 14th. 2004 - Ideological opposition was not the only reason for PPP's fall

April 4th. 2004 - The Gagraj Affair cannot be divorced from the Buxton Affair

February 28th. 2004 - I Congratulate the PPP for Expelling Ramjattan

February 28th. 2004 - Guyana, Haiti in Waiting

February 25th. 2004 - PPP Digging Hole for Itself

January 24th. 2004 - The PPP has given Democracy a Bad Name

November 14th. 2003 - I have a mandate to advocate for change of the present arrangements

November 1st. 2003 - The Kean Gibson Book: There are political explanations for Racial attitudes

October 18th. 2003 - Heaven Help Guyana: Janet Jagan's insensitivity

October 4th. 2003 - A Farewell Tribute to George Odlum

September 21st. 2003 - Mr Diene is on the Ball

September 20th. 2003 - Ethnic heritage is not opposed to nationhood

September 19th. 2003 - The Problem is not Racial Labels

July 18th. 2003 - Both PPP and PNC see the Communiqué as Tactical

July 17th. 2003 - Whither CARICOM: Governance at National and Regional levels must be Complimentary

July 5th. 2003 - Set up Truth Commission on Buxton

February 24th. 2003 - What do they know of democracy?

January 31st. 2003 - Guyana: Another lost opportunity

January 19th. 2003 A competent law enforcement official should address the nation and give guarantees of police conduct. by David Hinds and Eusi Kwayana

December 29th. 2002 - Desmond Hoyte in Perspective: He was Guyana's most important governmental Leader

December 14th. 2002 - Proposals for Resolving Political Conflict in Guyana

December 7th. 2002 - Ricardo Powell and Drakes are the key to a successful West Indies

November 19th. 2002 - There are Africans who are simultaneously Pro-African and Multiracial

November 13th. 2002 - Lets challenge ourselves to create a less imperfect future

October 30th. 2002 - The highest form of Revolution is fighting evil in your own house

October 29th. 2002 - There are two Buxtons

October 27th. 2002 - Buxton Development: Of History and Politics

October 13th. 2002 - Kwayana called for Joint Premiership with Partition as a Last Resort

October 12th. 2002 - Indians must speak out against Indian wrongs also

October 1st. 2002 - Buxton was Carefully Chosen

September 14th. 2002 - The WPA in time and Place

September 6th. 2002 - African Guyanese Marginalization in Perspective

September 1st. 2002 - Buxton is a terror camp

August 11th. 2002 - African Guyanese are marginalized, but must fight with dignity

August 1st. 2002 - David Hinds urges Buxton towards self-emancipation

July 26th. 2002 - Three dimensions of Power Sharing

July 17th. 2002 - Hoyte must turn word into deed

July 11th. 2002 - An All-Party Meeting as a first step to Restoring Normalcy

June 15th. 2002 - Guyana still to come to grips with Rodney's ideas

June 12th. 2002 - Civil Society in Guyana is compromised by Racial Solidarity

June 1st. 2002 - Time to end Meaningless Polemics

May 17th. 2002 - Giving the Dialogue constitutional status in Parliament is a good idea, long overdue

May 16th. 2002 - The PNC has to come better

May 6th. 2002 - Negotiation or Chaos

April 30th. 2002 - Two Guyanas-The Real and the Fictitious

April 20th. 2002 - We Never Left The World of Unreality

April 10th. 2002 - Answering WPA's Critics

April 9th. 2002 - The Dialogue Changed Nothing

March 11th. 2002 - A Second Reply to Stabroek and Panday's Civil Disobedience

February26th. 2002 - A Reply to Stabroek News: Do Not Limit the Conversation

February 18th. 2002 - Dialogue is not Inclusive Governance

February 8th. 2002 - Dr. Luncheon vs. Courts: What's New?

January 29th. 2002 - Putting those Extra-Judicial Killings in Perspective

December 23rd. 2001 - Political and Intellectual Laziness and Arrogance in High Places

December 22nd. 2001 - Back to Square One in Trinidad and Tobago

November 17th. 2001 - The Hoyte-Jagdeo Dialogue: Challenges and Consequences

November 14th. 2001 - Naipaul and the Caribbean: Genius and Madness

October 22nd. 2001 - Lunatic Disorder, Arrogant Governance and Local Government Consultations

October 8th. 2001 - Trinidad's Crisis: A Consequence of the Caribbean's Authoritarian Culture

October 3rd. 2001 - Trade Union Democracy is part of the Larger Democratic Crisis

September 25th. 2001 - The Caribbean Should Keep Out of War on Terrorism

September 5th. 2001 - House to Rent: No Blacks Please

August 22nd. 2001 - The Police Shootings in Guyana: Cause and Consequences

August 21st. 2001 - Continuing the Village Council Debate.

August 13th. 2001 - Disregard for the Truth and The Village Council Debate.

July 31st. 2001 - Answering some of the Criticisms of Power Sharing

July 18th. 2001 - Stop Fooling Around: Time For Real Power Sharing

July 1st. 2001 - Of Political Labels and Apology

June 5th. 2001 - The PPP and the PNC are not Change Agents or Moral Agents

May 19th 2001 - Open Letter to African Guyanese

May 12th 2001 - Ignoring the Real Problem in Guyana

April 21st 2001 - The Hoyte-Jagdeo Meeting and African Guyanese Marginalization

April 15th 2001 - Civil Society and the Middle Classes helped Create the Crisis in Guyana.

April 7th 2001 - The Conversation on Power Sharing and Mrs Jagan's Outburst

March 31st 2001 - Violence is Endemic in Guyana

February 11th. 2001 - The Media, The REFORM, GAP-WPA and The Election

January 22nd. 2001 - The Petition Ruling: Ensure that there is no Repeat of 1997 Fiasco

January 8th. 2001 - Guyana's Residency Requirement and the Culture of Racial Dominance

Year 2000

December 3rd. 2000 - Both the PNC and PPP are Guilty of Recklessness

November 14th. 2000 - Dealing With Partisan Defensiveness, Propaganda, and Arrogance

October 29th. 2000 - Is There Such a Thing as a Wasted Vote in Guyana?

October 24th. 2000 - The Impasse over the Regional Seat Allocation for Guyana's Election

October 9th. 2000 - The Power of Parliament and Cricket Stupidity

September 18th. 2000 - Questions About Guyana's Voters List

September 12th. 2000 - Rewriting History-Why?

September 1st. 2000 - PNC/REFORM: Ducking the Issue

August 14th. 2000 - Bharrat Jagdeo's First Year

August 2nd. 2000 - Emancipation and the African-Guyanese Reality

July 24th. 2000 - Where is Guyana's Indignation?

July 18th. 2000 - Political Arrogance and Democratic Renewal

July 6th. 2000 - CARICOM's Challenges

June 23rd. 2000 - Moving in the Right Direction but still Serious Questions

May 27th. 2000 - Guyana Has Squandered its Independence

May 16th. 2000 - Get on with the Game Freedom House

May 3rd. 2000 - Who will be the PPP's Presidential Candidate?

April 24th 2000 - What Kind of Electoral System is Best for Guyana?

April 17th. 2000 - The Road to January 2001 is Paved With Dangerous Missiles.

April 7th. 2000 - Why Desmond Hoyte will be The PNC's Standard Bearer at the 2001 Polls.

April 4th. 2000 - A Comment on Dr Brotherson's Response to My Last Piece

March 25th 2000 - The Split of Guyana's Pre-Independence PPP and the Emergence of Racial Polarizatio