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Race and Political Discourse in Guyana:
A Conversation with African Guyanese in the presence and hearing of Indian Guyanese.

Posted May 15th. 2005
Dr David Hinds, university lecturer and political commentator, has just release his first book Race and Political Discourse in Guyana: A Conversation with African Guyanese in the presence and hearing of Indian Guyanese.

The book, a compilation of essays on race and politics in Guyana, addresses topical issues such as Racial Insecurity and Triumphalism, African Guyanaese Marginalization, the Kean Gibson book, and Racial Extremism Militarism, in particular the Buxton-based violence and the Phantom Squad. There is an introduction by Eusi Kwayana and Forewords by Clarence Ellis and Eric Phillips

According to Dr Hinds:

"This small book is part of my commitment to public education and action. This is my treatment of a small slice of Guyana's turbulent, yet instructive political reality. Instructive because it points to the difficulties of constructing a nation out of what Eusi Kwayana calls "two pre-nations" and "two Diasporas in conflict." For those of us who call ourselves nationalists, whether Indian or African, the challenge is how to adapt our nationalism to the multi-racial reality of Guyana. In this book I speak simultaneously as an African Guyanese, a Guyanese and a Caribbean patriot. I speak simultaneously to African Guyanese and all Guyanese.

Speaking out on issues of race in a racially segmented environment is always a delicate undertaking. One does so at great risk to one's integrity and reputation, but remaining silent is a far greater risk. Since I began writing publicly in 1993 I have been subjected to much ridicule, attacks and misrepresentations, but I have also received many endorsements. At the end of the day what matters is that I strive to be honest about what I express and that those expressions are devoid of hate.

I hope the views expressed in this book will contribute to a debate both inside and outside of the African Guyanese community. Although the subject of the discussion is the African Guyanese condition, it is a larger discussion on Guyanese politics and society in particular as they relate to race and power. While this is not an academic text I hope academics and students will find it useful as they investigate Guyana's politics. But more than ever, I hope that ordinary Guyanese, both in Guyana and the diaspora will seek to engage in their daily lives the issues I raise and discuss. In the final analysis, this is a conversation."

Dr Hinds lectures in Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies at Arizona State University in the USA.

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